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 A three-time World Series Champion, father, husband and believer, Jeremy Affeldt is this February’s Wheeler’s Western Outfitters Customer Spotlight. After moving around countless times due to his own career and father’s military role, Affeldt and his family have settled down in Boerne.image2 (1)

Prior to moving to Boerne, the Affeldt family lived in the mountains of Spokane, WA close to friends and family. According to Jeremy, the move to Boerne was unexpected and just what his family needed. “Believe it or not, I was sitting in a tree stand with my bow and as I was praying, I just felt God say, ‘Don’t be rooted here,’” remembered Affeldt. That same weekend, his wife came home from a horse show and told Jeremy she wanted to move to Boerne. In just a few short weeks, Jeremy and his family were remodeling a house in a part of Texas they had always been in love with.



 Having never lived in the same spot for more than four years, Affeldt is thrilled to raise his family, establish roots, and be a part of the community here in Boerne. “From what I’m seeing in this community and from how I want to raise my family, I want to grow old in this place. My family and I feel settled here, and love being able to spend time outside all the time,” said Affeldt.

 One thing that had a huge influence on the Affeldt family’s decision to pack their bags and move to Texas was Affeldt’s wife and high school sweetheart, Larisa, and her involvement in the AQHA.  A recent World Champion for Level 2 Trail Riding, Larisa and her passion for riding led her family to Boerne, where her favorite trainer Reid Thomas lives. After his wife had given up so much for his career, Affeldt loves being able to give back to her. “I’ve just loved being able to watch her be in a place that she loves and to thrive now in Boerne,” admitted Affeldt.

A Texas flag hangs at the front of the Affeldt house, and despite the teasing from his wife, Affeldt is proud to be a Texan. “My wife calls me a fake cowboy because I can’t ride horses, so that’s on the list (to do). But I’m all in,” even though Affeldt claims that the “One thing I don’t do is Texas summers.” And who can blame him?jejry(Affeldt just recently accomplished his goal of learning to ride. Check out his instagram post to see him in action).

Jeremy and Larisa have three sons, Walker(10), Logan(7), and Kolt(5) who “are making friends and really enjoying all the time playing outside together.” The Affeldt family is already experts on dining in Boerne, and some of their favorite places are hill country classics. “The boys’ favorite place to eat is Dog and Pony, and I love the Dodging Duck, Mary’s Tacos, Peggy’s on the Green, and of course Rudy’s Barbeque.”

Affeldt’s go-to store is Wheeler’s Western Outfitters, where he always knows he will be taken care of by the staff. “Every time you walk into Wheeler’s, you feel this sense of community that you instantly want to be a part of. It’s a place that you want to see be successful,” states Affeldt.

The last thing he bought at Wheelers was the new Benelli SB3 shotgun, because “If a need a gun, I could go to three different places, but I’m always going to Wheeler’s.”

Even though they’d always heard about Texas hospitality, the genuine courtesy and kindness of the community has made an impact on him and his family. “Everyone really wants to have you over for a barbeque and care they about you and your family,” laughs Affeldt.


 “I’m giving this to you not so you can remember your dad was a champion, but because I think that you’re a champion, no matter what you do.” These are the words that Affeldt has told, or plans to tell each one of his sons when presenting them with one of his three MLB World Series Rings.

A retired professional baseball pitcher, Affeldt pitched for the San Francisco Giants and won three World Series Rings in 2010, 2012, and 2014. He also played in the World Series when pitching for the Colorado Rockies, and has pitched for the Kansas City Royals and Cincinnati Reds.

Although Affeldt would be thrilled if one of his sons decides to pursue baseball, he is realistic and firm about the issue of athletes getting burnt out at a young age. As a father, he is determined to have a healthy relationship with his boys and for them to become well rounded, rather than spending all of their energy on a specialized sport. “There are always so many opportunities that kids miss, because their parents didn’t let them be kids. There is no way a kid is built to be consumed year round by that type of mentality,” Affeldt said.


When asked about being a man of faith in Major League Baseball, Affeldt repeated the words of St. Francis of Assisi that he lived by during this time, “ Always show the gospel, and when necessary use words.” Affeldt had a blast with all of the guys on his team over the years, and he learned what it truly means to act like a Christ follower in that environment. “If you alienate yourself, act condemning or unapproachable, why would they ever want to know about God? asked Affeldt.

“I made it a point not to give my opinion unless I was asked. You will know who I am and what I believe in not by my words, but by my actions.” Affeldt knew he had been given the opportunity to make an impact on his teammates. He could always have a great time with his team, but never allowed himself to be placed in situations that would compromise his morals. “As a married man and a believer, there was no point in being out in the city past 1 a.m.,” stated Affeldt.


DVDB101_out In 2013, Affeldt experienced trial, suffering, and grace in ways he never thought possible. During a season of success, Affledt’s new book, “To Stir a Movement: Life, Justice, and Major League Baseball” was coming out and he was in the midst of spring training. “And then, the most shocking thing happened. My wife kicked me out of the house during my spring training,” Affeldt recalled. He recounts his verbal abuse to his wife, and how he used anger and manipulation for intimidation. “I did not understand grace. She threw me out and I had to find help,” Affeldt said. After his wife urged him to truly discover the root of his behavior, he came across Trueface: an organization that took him through a process of grace that changed his life and saved his marriage. The gospel of grace transformed Affeldt, and he realized that God was walking with him in the midst of his sin.

Through Trueface, he was introduced to the idea for an upcoming Christian film, ‘The Heart of Man,” a parable of the prodigal’s son (based on Luke 15:11-32). He looked at the film, and thought, “This is the most creative film I’ve ever seen,” Affeldt said. After only a short period of time, Affeldt knew he had to be involved with this film, and do anything he could for it be successful. Affeldt believes that every man should see this film, and this passion led to him executively producing ‘The Heart of Man.’ The movie is currently available for rent or purchase on iTunes.





Written by: Aisling Ayers

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