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Archery Tips


  • Always read the warning labels and manufacturer's instructions of all products being used in conjunction with your bow, including but not limited to all archery accessories and components directly attached to the bow or used in conjunction with the bow such as targets, arrows, broadheads, release aids, etc.
  • It is critical that your bow is set up and functioning within the bow's required safe operating parameters prior to use.
  • Carefully inspect your bow before each use. Before you handle or shoot your bow, carefully inspect the condition of your bow, accessories, arrows, and your release aid to ensure they are in good and proper working condition. Any suspected damage to your bow should be inspected by Wheeler's Feed & Outfitters Archery Staff for possible repair or replacement.
  • Before you handle or shoot your bow or other archery products, Wheeler's Feed & Outfitters Archery Staff recommends that you be trained and instructed in proper use by a certified archery coach.
  • An adult should always supervise minors when they are handling or shooting a bow.
  • Never use alcohol or drugs while handling or shooting your bow.
  • Never dry fire your bow. To dry fire your bow, means to shoot the bow without an arrow. Never try drawing a bow that is too heavy for your strength or that does not fit your draw length as this could lead to an unintentional dry fire. A dry fire could cause your bow to break and cause death or serious injury to you or others. If your bow is dry-fired there could be both seen and unseen damage and it should be brought to Wheeler's Feed & Outfitters Archery Staff for inspection before any further use.
  • Never shoot a damaged arrow. Before each shot, inspect your arrows for damage. See the specific arrow manufacturer's warnings and instructions on proper arrow inspection methods. Discard all damaged arrows.
  • Never mechanically alter or modify your bow. Drilling holes, cutting, filing, or sanding are examples of mechanically altering your bow which will likely cause the bow to break and could cause death or serious injury.
  • Never draw or shoot a bow with frayed, worn, or damaged string or cables as they could break. Frayed, worn, or damaged bowstrings or cables should be immediately replaced by Wheeler's Feed & Outfitters Archery Staff before the bow is used. Carefully inspect the string and cables each time before shooting your bow, Wheeler's Feed & Outfitters Archery Staff recommends that you replace your string and cables after 2,000 shots or after two years, whichever comes first.
  • Never expose your string or cables to sharp objects such as knives or broadheads, or direct heat sources such as open flame or extremely hot objects as they could easily cut or cause the string and/or cables to break.